∞ The Reborn Series ∞

By AnnMarie Stone

Fast Facts:

I have a fear of drowning (AKA Aquaphobia).​​​

My dream house is a High Rise Penthouse Suite.​​

My favorite number is 37.​​​

My most influential experience was Army BCT at 27 yrs old.​​

​I hang my clothes by color (roygbiv) and sleeve length.​

I have ADHD and OCD.​

​I have never broken a bone.​

I was 30 the first and only time I needed stitches.​​

​I cry during TV shows, movies, books, and commercials.​

I had speech therapy as a kid (trouble with R’s & W’s).​

​I watch any movie with Mark Wahlberg. I adore him.​

​I cannot eat any meat that is still on the bone.​

I don’t eat seafood. I hate to even smell it.​

​I like my drinks cold, but I don’t like to use ice.

​I never watch the local news.​​

​I never cook or bake.​​

​I always intend to take pictures but I never remember to.​

​I spent 3 months as a night shift security guard in a casino.​

​The fastest speed I have ever driven is 123 mph.​​

I worked as a telemarketer in High School.​​

I stay up way too late every night.

​My favorite book is War and Peace, which I did not read until I was 28 yrs old.