∞ The Reborn Series ∞

By AnnMarie Stone

Not So Fast Facts:

I have two kids, a boy and a girl. I am blessed that I have a close relationship with both of them.

My cat was named after a character in the anime series Dragonball Z​ (Although he is a miniature leopard, he is named after Shenron, the dragon).

I have an addiction to chocolate. I can’t ever say no to chocolate, and if I try to I end up eating more later on.

​People often assume that my kids are my brother and sister, especially when I am with my teenager and her friends.

I enjoy reading, TV and movies more than leaving the house. I get to travel anywhere I want in a book or movie. It's also a lot cheaper, and I can go in my pajamas.

​I will stick with reading a book series even if it gets bad. I keep expecting them to get better, even when it’s obvious that they won’t.

​I am a huge nerd when it comes to reading and entertainment. I enjoy books from many areas, but one of my favorites is A.S.O.I.A.F. by G.R.R. Martin. (When I have an extra room for it, I would love to collect items from the series. The sword collection alone would be amazing!)​​​.