∞ The Reborn Series ∞

By AnnMarie Stone

What I Love About Writing…

I have always wanted to work from home, and writing gives me the opportunity to do just that. Further, I can write from anywhere I choose to. Anywhere can be my home, a coffee shop, a library, or even on vacation. Where ever I want to go, writing just goes with me.

Writing is a great way to express creativity and imagination, both of which need attention in my life or else I go can go stir crazy. ​​

Writing is a lot of work, but it’s enjoyable and rewarding for me. I would much rather spend all the time, energy, effort, and even the stress that comes with writing and publishing than to battle rush hour traffic, worry about deadlines for others, and waste all my creativity working for someone else. Add in the flexibility to schedule my work around my life and family and it can’t get much better than that.​

The stories and characters are in my head whether I write them or not. I find they stop driving me crazy if I let them out.